Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sri Atreya Sharma about my book!

Just yesterday I opened his collection of short stories మనసు తడి ఆరనీకు (Let not your heart’s moistness dry up), and devoured 11 out of its 23 stories. I cursed myself why I hadn’t read them much earlier when he presented the book on Jan 19, 2015, and even when I happened to know him decades earlier. Now OMPRAKASH NARAYAN VADDI joins my list of favourite writers. He writes mainstream, with no burden or glasses of any ism or schism. Without exception, I fell in love with all the 11 stories I read; they regale us with humour, stir our social consciousness with optimism, prod us into a sense of sweet responsibility; they harmonize, don’t antagonize. Hats off to you Omprakash, your stories have touched the recesses of my heart. Wish your pen of creativity every copiousness.

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